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Unleash the human potential in your organisation with ROW

No two organisations are the same. To ensure you get the right advice and support, we actively listen to understand your needs and the drivers and barriers to wellbeing in your organisation. From there, we tailor a solution that fits your budget and scope, and critically, delivers sustainable change. Our approach is powered by professional expertise, lived experience, and human-centred design. We meet you where you are.


Where does your organisation sit when it comes to workplace wellbeing?

Whether it’s a workshop on wellbeing literacy for your leaders and managers, developing a wellbeing strategy for your organisation, or customised support that fast-tracks wellbeing in your workplace, ROW is equipped to help you transform wellbeing in your workplace.



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unleash human potential

Accelerate wellbeing literacy and capability of leaders in your business through this workshop series. 


Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes: Let us take care of some or all of your organisation’s wellbeing needs.


Founder/CEO of ROW, Sarah McGuinness, shares her lived experience with burnout, which she weaves into a practical talk.


Take a strategic approach to workplace wellbeing.  Identify your priorities, and unite your workplace wellbeing efforts.

Unlock your wellbeing leadership

As a wellbeing professional, fast-track your growth so you can have a real impact on the lives of people in your business.

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