ROW badge on LinkedIn

How to add your ROW digital badge to your LinkedIn profile

To add your ROW badge to your LinkedIn profile, follow the easy steps below:

1. Open your profile page on LinkedIn and click on the blue ‘Add profile section’.

2. On the drop down menu, click on ‘Featured’.

3. Then click on ‘Media’

4. A pop-up box will appear with your file manager. Select your ROW badge from where you have it saved.

5. Complete the Title and Description. Suggested content for the Title and Description:

  • Title: the name of the badge [being the words on the badge]. 
  • Description: you may like to use the following: –‘This Revolutionaries of Wellbeing ROW badge recognises my commitment to, and passion for, workplace wellbeing. Find out more:

6. Hit ‘save’ and you’re done!


The badge will appear on your profile as below: