Bespoke wellbeing framework

define wellbeing at your workplace

Wellbeing can be a confusing topic and there is no one definition that suits everyone.

An important first step is to understand what wellbeing means to your people. What is important to them?

The needs of your people and your business will be unique, just as your organistional strategy and values are.

Experience has taught us that while generic wellbeing frameworks (such as the Five Ways to Wellbeing) can be helpful, it is far more engaging to create a wellbeing framework that uses the language of your people and the look and feel of your brand. When you tailor a wellbeing framework to your people, engagement is easier right from the start. When we have rolled out bespoke wellbeing frameworks in other organisations, we often hear employees say, “I love this, I can see the things that are important to me in there.” The secret sauce is the framework defines wellbeing the way your people see it.

We will work with you to develop an organisation-wide wellbeing framework that is grounded in science and inclusive.



Grounded in science and data, your company’s wellbeing framework will describe the important wellbeing factors with clear definitions.

As a first step, we undertake research across your organisation through a series of evidence-based methodologies. We then analyze the data and create a report for you that provides insights and risk areas, and early framework pillars. The early pillars are also linked to factors we know, from research, are important for day-to-day wellbeing.

We then work with you to finalise the wellbeing framework through a series of workshops. The end framework is designed with your company values and branding in mind, bringing wellbeing to life and giving employees a consistent employee experience.



A bespoke wellbeing framework will also help you to create a wellbeing strategy and communications plan – with the model providing the necessary ‘pillars’ for action and results.

Together with the framework, we can also provide:

  • Powerpoint slides to roll out the framework to leaders and teams
  • Tip sheets and activity guides to engage employees with the framework and help them make sense of the model within their own lives.
  • Posters for each of the factors
  • A one-hour ‘train-the-trainer’ workshop for leaders to engage with their teams, using the framework as a guide for conversation.

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