Doing Well – Card Deck

Doing Well – Card Deck


The tool to support wellbeing and performance under pressure.

The Doing Well deck contains 100 cards and is for individuals, teams and organisations who want to do well through stress, uncertainty and disruption.

The Doing Well cards are for you if you want to:

  • deal to change, stress and uncertainty
  • carry the load better
  • reach peak performance
  • support others
  • discover how to make an effective wellbeing and resilience plan in 20 minutes.

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This deck was created on the back of more than two decades of experience working in disaster and disruption in Australasia and around the world. The Doing Well deck has been tested under the ultimate conditions of prolonged stress and uncertainty. The global research behind the Doing Well deck includes interviews with over 100 leaders from around the world working in challenging circumstances and was supported by two Winston Churchill Fellowships.

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Bulk discounts available for the purchase of more than 15 packs. Please enquire.