ROW Gold Membership (1-year)

ROW Gold Membership (1-year)


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These are volatile times. Workplaces around the globe are grappling with employee wellbeing.  Mental health challenges are on the rise. Psychosocial risks are increasing. Employees are under pressure.

Now is the time to be proactive. ROW Gold develops you as a wellbeing leader, giving you a powerful support network, professional development, and solutions. So you can focus on giving your employees the right support at the right time. 


Be a wellbeing leader

ROW Gold is our flagship professional membership group for people who want to be wellbeing leaders.

As a member of the ROW Gold community, you are supported by peers and experts who value workplace wellbeing like you do. You become stronger, as part of a passionate global group, dedicated to sharing, learning, and making a difference.

Get support to succeed

At its heart, ROW Gold is a community of senior leaders and workplace wellbeing managers from well-respected organizations who are committed to taking action.

Membership to ROW Gold will enable you to sit alongside your colleagues and be supported to be successful within your organisation – influencing real change.


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When you join ROW Gold, you get:

  • Powerful community: Learn from the experience of other wellbeing leaders around the globe, across industry. Connect and share ideas with peers.
  • Expert advice: Access expert guidance for solutions and build your network of providers to support the wellbeing of your team.
  • Know-how: Access a library of hand-picked resources to help you build a wellbeing strategy and deliver initiatives that get results.
  • Exclusive events: Learn how to implement workplace wellbeing through special events
  • Inspiration: Stay up-to-date with the fast-paced workplace wellbeing world through webinars, podcasts, and newsletters.
  • ROW Store specials: Enjoy discounted rates and specials on the ROW Store of expert-led wellbeing resources and services.

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