Kite Program for Business

Kite Program for Business

provide tailored support for your workforce

One day at a time. 5 minutes per day. Simple.

The Kite Program is the first of its kind on the global HR tech market. It is superior in terms of its ease of use and the impact it has on people’s wellbeing and development. It’s designed to deliver content in a personal and respectful way. With Kite, your employees are delivered daily activities that are small enough that they are achievable, and practical enough that employees are able to weave them into their workday.  Kite also has a feature for you to list all of the mental health and support resources available to your employees.


Deliver content that is relevant to your people

Kite is completely customisable to suit your workforce. Create a bespoke microlearning program for your people that is highly relevant and that addresses current wellbeing and training challenges. And you can easily change content as you need to – either using your inhouse team or through one of our consultants.

The Kites (modules) can be any length of time – from one day to a few weeks. Users are only allowed to access one activity per day in the Kite they are working through, to ensure it fits into their busy schedule and that it can be implemented. There is also an on the go mindfulness button for quick ways to cope with stress.


kite content

We have an extensive content library which covers personal wellbeing, social wellbeing, leadership and new ways of working that you can draw on to create your bespoke microlearning program. Clients can access a total of 20 weeks’ worth of Kite activities from our library.

We can also create content on a wide range of bespoke topics including confidence, sleep, stress, HR policies and procedures, vision and values, induction, change management, language or culture, conflict or teamwork.

Content is tailored and made applicable to your workforce- increasing engagement by doing so. Our team of experts can also work as coaches and touchpoints throughout the program.



When you invest in Kite for Business for your workforce, there is a one-off set up fee and then an ongoing monthly per-user fee.

With your investment, you get:

  • A consultant who will partner with you to design and launch the solution, and assist you with creating and tailoring further content to your workforce.
  • A total of 20 weeks’ worth of Kite activities, chosen from our Kite content library.
  • 20 mindfulness activities written specifically for your organisation.
  • An unlimited license to use the Kite solution, including all maintenance costs.

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