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ROW Crew Badge

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As a valued part of the Revolutionaries of Wellbeing (ROW) crew, you’re a wellbeing leader driving change.

Be recognized
This ROW digital badge shows your passion for, and commitment to, workplace wellbeing. It identifies you as a revolutionary making a difference, and it relates to the one thing we value at ROW more than anything else: a commitment to building better workplaces and a more humane and secure world.

This digital badge is for you.

We invite you to proudly share your digital badge on your social media profile, website or email signature. Show the world your passion for workplace wellbeing.

When you share your badge, it will help you connect with others who are part of the ROW community too. Look out for the badge on others’ profiles ! For ideas on where to share your badge, read more below.

It’s time to make your mark.


There are lots of places you could share your ROW digital badge.

Ideas include:

If you’d like to link the badge to a URL, this page explains the mark: