Unleash Your Potential

Unleash the potential of self by developing personal wellbeing knowledge and skills

Now is the time to be proactive. Wellbeing is all our responsibility. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a senior leader or a front-line worker, it’s more important than ever to equip your employees and leaders with the skills and capabilities to lead and sustain a wellbeing culture.

We know it’s hard out there – with burnout on the rise and people more aware of managing their mental health than ever before. But many people lack the confidence and structure (and often the language) to understand the drivers of positive wellbeing, barriers, and their support structures.

Evidence shows cultures of wellbeing allow people to fulfill their potential at work. Potential is not static – in the same way that wellbeing is not a static concept. It’s dynamic and enables people to thrive on any given day, adapting to change in a psychologically safe way.

Building wellbeing literacy and capability at all levels of your organisation allows you to unleash the potential of your people and your business.

This bold ROW workshop has been designed to fast-track wellbeing literacy for employees of all levels. It’s based on the many presentations we’ve given to leaders across industry, and robust evidence on what works, and is part of our Unleash Potential Workshops for leaders. 

Punchy, interactive, and engaging, this high-energy workshop is packed with lived experience stories, practical tools and resources, and professional guidance based on the latest research on boosting wellbeing in the workplace. 

And while mental health is a key part of the workshop, it’s not the only factor that is addressed. The workshop also covers other key factors including psychosocial safety, building cultures of wellbeing, ways of working, and more.

Crucially, it also addresses the barriers, myths, and misconceptions so that leaders can develop deeper self-awareness and greater self-confidence in how they can unleash their own potential on a day-to-day basis.



This workshop is a great way of unlocking empathy and scaling wellbeing literacy across your business.

At 60 minutes in length, it is designed to fit into an existing leadership training day agenda, senior leadership meeting or as a stand-alone training opportunity.

The content can also be customised to your specific industry, demographics or barriers to wellbeing, and we can tailor exercises, models and practical takeaways to make sure they hit the mark.



Intended audience: Any employee looking to improve their wellbeing literacy; employees interested in personal development.

Focus: Unleash the potential of self through personal wellbeing knowledge and skills.

Duration:  60 mins.



Capabilities & knowledge covered

Advocate – be a champion 

  • Being a proactive self-manager.
  • Defining wellbeing for self.
  • Enhancing self-awareness.
  • Setting boundaries for life balance.

Curate – build knowledge

  • Barriers to personal and work wellbeing.
  • Tracking personal wellbeing.

Support – build care

  • Fostering social connection for wellbeing.
  • Supporting self and peers to be well.
  • Recognising signs and symptoms of mental health challenges for self and peers.

Resource – build ability

  • Developing a personal wellbeing plan.
  • Practical tools and strategies to self-manage and navigate support mechanisms.


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