Employee wellbeing audit

Employee wellbeing audit

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Understanding the specific wellbeing needs of your employees is one of the most important steps you can take when looking to improve employee wellbeing and meet overall business goals.

ROW’s Well-Check Survey, tailored to your organisation, can give you the insights you need to build a better wellbeing strategy.


Well-Check Survey

The ROW Well-Check Survey gives you the insights you need to better understand your employee:

  • engagement and wellbeing levels (including physical health, mental health and more)
  • perceptions of wellbeing
  • wellbeing attitudes and behaviours
  • interest in participating in workplace wellbeing initiatives within your organisation.

The survey draws on international research and we tailor the survey to your organisation to ensure that we capture the right data for your team. It is based on evidence-based questions and best practice methodology and is led by our behaviour change expert Dr Mark Wallace-Bell. Questions are both quantitative and qualitative, which provides a rich picture for analysis.

Once your team has anonymously participated in the survey, we will conduct an analysis of the data and produce a tailored report for your organisation that includes:

  • a better understanding of the general wellbeing¬† of your employees plus potential risk areas,
  • employee insights such as attitudes towards wellbeing and communication requirements,
  • recommendations on suitable solutions.

Other organisations, such as Scenic Hotel Group and Sealord have told us the data gained from this research has provided them with a compelling business case on which to act and create real change.

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The Well-Check Survey report is presented to you via a 60-minute workshop, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and get the answers you need.

You may also like to invest in subgroup (e.g. departments or teams) reports, which can help you to better understand similarities and differences across the organisation. Please note minimum numbers of participants are required to preserve the anonymity of participants.