Workplace wellbeing assessment

Get a workplace wellbeing assessment 

Get a clear picture of where you can strengthen your business to improve employee wellbeing.

We know from research and practical experience that is very difficult for employees to thrive if the environment is unsupportive. It is also hard to meet business objectives if employees feel undervalued and disengaged.

The Well-Work Audit is a tailored organisational wellbeing assessment that helps you to understand how wellbeing is currently supported across your business and identify areas for development. It is based on gold-standard principles for workplace wellbeing.

The insights gained from the assessment can be integrated into your wellbeing strategy for real results.

Against ROW’s well organisation framework, we will assess your existing workplace structure (including leadership, policies and communication) wellbeing data (e.g. employee surveys, absenteeism data, and employee turnover data), current offerings (e.g. EAP) and other important organisational measures to identify opportunities for and barriers to wellbeing.

Depending on the size of your organisation and your budget, we can custom design a package that incorporates desktop research plus interviews and focus groups to better understand trends and gain deeper insight.

Once we have collated the data, we then conduct an analysis of the data and produce a tailored report. We then present the findings to you via a 90-minute workshop, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and get the answers you need.

We will walk you through the findings and share recommendations and insights which will help to inform the wellbeing strategy.


Get the full picture

As a full benchmarking process, the Well-Work Audit and Well-Check Survey work perfectly together to give you a clear path forward.

We can also include customer data for a full 360 degree view of the organisation.

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