Wellbeing Snack Videos

Wellbeing Snack Videos

Price on application

A menu of wellbeing snack videos (all less than 10 minutes) to support wellbeing under pressure.

Wellbeing is critical right now. Managers are under pressure. We’ve made it easy for managers to make wellbeing a focus in team meetings. These video snacks are evidence-informed, designed by a crisis expert and a cognitive scientist, with the tone pitched to even the most practical types, and themed to the most common stress and uncertainty challenges & reactions.

Each shares a story and/or science along with super practical guidance in a short, engaging format. Choose 6 video snacks from a menu < 10-mins each.

Check out a taster here.


Licensed for internal-use only when a customer purchases. Wellbeing snack videos come with summary sheets for distribution to teams as a follow on from viewing. Please allow 3 – 4 days for co-branding of videos and delivery of videos.