ROW Badge Share Options

how to share your row badge

The ROW badges relate to the one thing we value at ROW more than anything else: a commitment to building better workplaces and a more humane and secure world.

When you share your ROW badge on your social media profiles, website or business documents – you’re showing your wellbeing leader, determined to make a difference.

You’re taking us towards a better future.


Ideas for sharing your badge:

  • Add it to your LinkedIn profile (instructions below) and share on social media.
  • Add it to your email signature. See instructions for Gmail and Outlook (in some organisations you may need to see your IT team).
  • Add it to your organisation documents such as marketing materials, wellbeing reports and your organisation’s intranet.



To add your ROW badge to your LinkedIn profile, follow the easy six steps below:

STEP 1. Open your profile page on LinkedIn and click on the blue button: ‘Add profile section’.

STEP 2. On the drop down menu, click on ‘Featured’.

STEP 3. Then click on ‘Media’

STEP 4. A pop-up box will appear with your file manager. Select your ROW badge from where you have it saved.

STEP 5. Complete the Title and Description.
Suggested content for the Title and Description:

Title: the name of the badge [being the words on the badge].

Description: (suggested) This Revolutionaries of Wellbeing ROW badge recognises my commitment to, and passion for, workplace wellbeing. Find out more:

STEP 6. Hit ‘save’ and you’re done!


Awesome! The badge will appear as a featured section on your profile as below: