Your ROW Badge


We see your passion for workplace wellbeing. You’re determined. You’re passionate. You want to help other people to improve their wellbeing. You want to make a difference.

There’s no guidebook, yet you’re doing what you can – learning, sharing, and connecting with others. You’re a wellbeing revolutionary. 

It takes a particular kind of person to be a revolutionary.

By signing up to the ROW community, you’ve shown that’s you. Now, stand out amongst the crowd with your ROW wellbeing revolutionary badge. 



The ROW badge is your digital mark to show you’re a wellbeing revolutionary.

It shows you’re:

  • Stronger – you’re community-minded. You’re committed to helping others grow and to improving workplace wellbeing. You support others and believe that when people work together, great things happen.
  • Better –  you’re a curious learner. You’re committed to learning more about workplace wellbeing and building your capability.
  • Faster – you’re determined to make things happen when it comes to workplace wellbeing. You know wellbeing can’t wait – people need support now and you’re doing what you can.

As a member of the ROW community, we know that’s you.  Now it’s time to show the world with your ROW badge.  As strong virtual identifiers, the ROW badges can be placed on social media profiles, websites, or business documents.

The ROW badge will also help you to connect with other ROW members, who feel strongly about creating better workplaces like you.



Your ROW badge, associated with your level of membership, will be emailed to you. If you haven’t received your badge, please email the ROW Crew.

There are four badges:

  • ROW Partners – our wellbeing experts, providing workplace wellbeing solutions (by invite only)
  • ROW Crew – the engine room of ROW – making everything happen behind the scenes.
  • ROW Gold – wellbeing leaders at the core of the ROW community, taking a step above to drive change in workplace wellbeing.
  • ROW Network – wellbeing champions, committed to learning more about workplace wellbeing.


Ideas for sharing your badge

Here are some ideas to start getting your badge out to the world:

  • Add your badge to your LinkedIn profile (instructions below) and share it on social media.
  • Add your badge to your email signature. See instructions for Gmail and Outlook (in some organisations you may need to see your IT team).
  • Add your badge to your organisation documents such as wellbeing marketing materials, wellbeing reports and your organisation’s intranet.

You can link your badge to following page:

Need help? Feel free to email the team for support and ideas on how to show you’re part of the incredible ROW community.


To add your ROW badge to your LinkedIn profile, follow the easy six steps below:

STEP 1. Open your profile page on LinkedIn and click on the blue button: ‘Add profile section’.

STEP 2. On the drop down menu, click on ‘Featured’.

STEP 3. Then click on ‘Media’

STEP 4. A pop-up box will appear with your file manager. Select your ROW badge from where you have it saved.

STEP 5. Complete the Title and Description.
Suggested content for the Title and Description:

Title: the name of the badge [being the words on the badge].

Description: (suggested) I’m proud to be part of the the Revolutionaries of Wellbeing (ROW) community. This badge recognises my commitment to, and passion for, workplace wellbeing. Find out more:

STEP 6. Hit ‘save’ and you’re done!


Awesome! The badge will appear as a featured section on your profile as below:

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