ROW Gold: Unlock Your Wellbeing Leadership

Fast-track your ability to embed wellbeing

Responsible for wellbeing in your workplace? Now’s the time to accelerate your personal and professional growth so you can have a real impact on the lives of the people in your business.

now’s the time to be a change agent

Organisations that unleash human potential all have the same thing: a thriving, wellbeing-centred culture.

Critically, it’s driven by someone with dedicated responsibility for health and wellbeing, with the skills, knowledge, and influence to make a difference.

As that person in your workplace, you’re a wellbeing change agent. You have the power to shift the dial on workplace wellbeing.

And you know that great leaders get help to perform at their best. Find that essential professional development – right here, just for you.

Great leaders don’t go it alone

ROW Gold unlocks your potential as a wellbeing professional and leader.

ROW Gold is a semi-structured wellbeing leadership learning experience that provides you, as a wellbeing professional, the skills, resources, and network you need to be successful in your role.

If you are early in your workplace wellbeing professional career, ROW Gold offers you a structured and purposeful approach to your development. And if you’re more established as a workplace wellbeing professional, ROW Gold keeps you current, keeps your skills sharp, and provides you with opportunities to elevate as a leader in the profession.

Through ROW Gold, you will improve your wellbeing literacy, enabling you to lift the wellbeing literacy of the people in your business. You’ll boost your understanding of wellbeing as a driver of human potential and performance and – importantly – learn how to reinforce the critical importance of your role and create a legacy.

And you’ll be learning with peers right along beside you.


No two workplaces are the same. Your ROW Gold learning experience is customised to support you in your efforts to embed wellbeing in your workplace. It’s also customised to respond to issues in your geographic region while offering you global learning at the same time.

The journey starts with an onboarding session to establish the best areas of focus for you, with semi-structured and informal learning opportunities. We’ll discuss your personal and professional goals, and the change you’re working towards in your organisation.

To accelerate your learning, over your 12-month membership, access exclusive workshops, masterclasses, and peer learning sessions built around adult learning principles and our approach of professional expertise, lived experience, and human-centred design. All events are offered twice, once in an NZST zone and once in a GMT zone, so the learning is available at a time that suits you.

Get the knowledge and skills you need to tailor your approach to reach the needs of the diverse people in your workforce and ignite the connection between employee wellbeing and high performance in your business.


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what ROW Gold members say

Rachel Bishell
Rachel Bishell
Safety and Wellbeing Business Partner
I was attracted to be part of ROW Gold because of the experiences and knowledge I have gained through the network and wanted to continue the journey of discovery in wellbeing.


Sheree Knight
Sheree Knight
Business Partner - People and Culture
The diverse speakers and members from a range of industry backgrounds – not just all large corporates, plus the depth of knowledge, experience, and most importantly, the passion that Sarah and the wider team bring.


Tim Mehrtens
Tim Mehrtens
Director - Workplace Wellbeing
ROW Gold is a great place to make connections with like-minded people.


Wendy Chittock
Health and Wellbeing Advisor
Having all this connection and education in the well-organised professional ROW Gold package certainly makes a difference to my own professional development and the value I can then impart to my organisation.


Joining ROW Gold gives you:


Stronger network
Be part of a vibrant professional community.

Better professional development
Fast-track your development as a leader in workplace wellbeing. 

Faster access to tools and resources
Save time and money with access to curated toolkits and more.

Your investment

Your investment in an annual membership to ROW Gold is:

Region  Investment
NZD $499*
GBP £249
EUR €299
USD $329
AUD $499
CAN $449


This is an individual membership. We offer discounted rates for multiple individuals from the same organisation. Please contact us to find out more.

Price will be charged depending on location. This will be shown at the payment stage.

You can pay via credit card or contact us to pay by invoice.

*Includes GST

  • 4 x ROW Sparks Workshops: Highly engaging, informative, and practical capability-building sessions delivered by the ROW Crew. Drawing on our expertise, these workshops are packed with the latest research and real-world examples, and case studies to boost your knowledge and skills.
  • 4 x Peer-to-Peer Masterclasses: Learn from your colleagues in a virtual fireside chat setting. Gain insights into their challenges, the solutions they implemented, and lessons learned.
  • 2x Hot Topic Sessions: Learn from experts on hot workplace wellbeing topics, relevant to the time.
  • 11 x Well-Chat virtual coffee discussions, themed around a key workplace wellbeing topic.
  • Resource library: Access to a searchable, curated resource library which includes the current research on wellbeing, articles, frameworks, video resources and more, sourced from around the globe.
  • Private social network: Peer networking with other workplace wellbeing professionals from around the world via our exclusive online social network. Get fresh ideas and insights, and build your professional support group.
  • Customized onboarding and a month-10 check-in: Support is tailored to your needs, using our framework as a guide, to support your personal and organisational effectiveness.
  • Weekly emails with bite-sized workplace wellbeing tips and curated resources and exclusive peer-led insights.

All events are offered twice, once in an NZST zone and once in a GMT zone, so the learning is available at a time that suits you. You are welcome to attend whichever, or both!

Ready to join now?

Sign up today and be ready for 2023

Get a structured approach to your professional development

The ROW Gold learning experience is based on our four-point evidence-based wellbeing leadership model and covers these capabilities:

learning areas
Advocate – be a champion
  • Being a proactive wellbeing leader and role-model.
  • Defining wellbeing for self, enhancing self-awareness, and setting personal and professional boundaries for wellbeing.
  • Understanding wellbeing as a driver of human potential and performance.
  • Defining wellbeing for your organisation, considering the diversity across your business and the environment/industry in which it operates.
  • Demonstrating how workplace wellbeing strategies add value to the business.
  • Building a psychologically safe environment.
  • Influencing and negotiating to ensure wellbeing is on and stays on the agenda of senior leaders.
Curate – build knowledge
  • Understanding the key tenets of workplace wellbeing and the ecosystem that influences it.
  • Identifying opportunities and overcoming barriers to personal, team and business wellbeing.
  • Evaluating wellbeing across the business and make sense of the data in your business.
Support – build care
  • Understanding strategic wellbeing as an enabler for healthy work across your organisation.
  • Strengthening wellbeing across diverse teams.
  • Recognising signs and symptoms of mental health challenges for self and peers.
  • Having a wellbeing check-in conversation.
  • Supporting others to get and stay well.
  • Staying well as a wellbeing leader.
Resource – build ability
  • Developing a wellbeing strategy for the organisation, together with the review cycle and sustainability.
  • Building a support network (e.g. wellbeing champions) across your business.
  • Designing for behaviour change and communicating with impact to drive engagement.
  • Practical tools and strategies to build and navigate support mechanisms.
  • Develop a personal wellbeing and supporting others to build one.

Invest in your professional development today. Join ROW Gold.

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