Ultimate strategy package


take a strategic approach to wellbeing and drive real change

ROW’s Ultimate Package is a popular solution for developing a robust strategy.

In a rapidly changing world, fruit bowls don’t build resilience. Your business needs a plan to drive real change.

Understand the needs of employees

Assess the opportunities in the business

Build a strategy and wellbeing framework

The ultimate package includes:
case study

Organisations, such as Sealord, have told us the data gained from this process has provided them with a compelling business case on which to act and create real change.

There was a clear process to follow that identified critical requirements to ensure that there would be meaningful outcomes that could be actioned by the business. The approach was built in a collaborative manner that emphasised the need for total business buy-in and the requirement to involve all hierarchical levels in the investigation phase. The overall approach fitted well with Sealord values.

– Doug Paulin, CEO, Sealord

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